Saturday, October 11, 2014

Studio Art Pottery Stoneware Bowl by Marty Morgan

   I was just going through my studio pottery collection while organizing my cabinets, etc, so I decided to post about this bowl I picked up a couple weeks ago at a local thrift shop.

I love it when I get an identifiable piece, and I was able to get confirmation from the artisan potter her self that crafted this beautiful bowl a few years ago, Marty Morgan, whose studio is located in Gloucester, Massachusetts, which is only a couple towns North of me.

I was told by Ms Morgan that this stoneware bowl was made of cone 10 stoneware, fired in a gas kiln, and glazed with a Rutile blue over a glossy white glaze creating the lighter blue overlap color over the orange/brown, etc..

Studio Art Pottery Stonware Bowl by Marty Morgan
Studio Art Pottery Stonware Bowl by Marty Morgan

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